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The Mentorship Programs at the W. P. Carey School of Business provide dedicated, directed mentoring opportunities for business students. The programs are intended for all levels of students, alumni, professionals and executives. They focus on academic and collegiate success; access to resources and networks; major exploration; career discovery; relationship-building; and personal, social and professional development.


A peer-to-peer program for W. P. Carey students, Connectors, brings together current sophomores, juniors and seniors (as mentors) with members of the newest freshman class (as mentees). Freshmen coming to ASU from outside of Arizona, outside of the U.S. or who are living off campus their first year, are those who can benefit from this program. Student mentors gain leadership and communication skills through mentoring while new students learn what it takes to become a successful student at the W. P. Carey School of Business.

Career Discovery 

The Career Discovery Mentorship Program connects W. P. Carey and ASU alumni, executives, corporate partners and other professionals with both undergraduate (sophomores, juniors and seniors) and graduate business students (MBA and Specialized Masters) who want to expand and deepen their interests and career opportunities. Mentoring offers students a unique view into professional life and is a great way for students to meet and add alumni and others to their growing and expanding networks.

Professionals can (re)connect with the W. P. Carey School as mentors to help students discover and explore academic, career and professional interests; encourage and facilitate ways for business students to develop strong networks of relationships; identify leadership opportunities while still in school; decide on post-graduate opportunities; think about what goes into developing a successful professional career path; and, most importantly, share their own experiences to prepare students for a positive school to career transition.

Flash Mentoring – one time/one hour mentoring conversations between professionals and graduate students.

Flash Mentoring is available for graduate students who are seeking to enhance their professional knowledge and grow their networks of relationships through one-time conversations with mentors. Students may initiate and request conversations with professionals after registering with the Mentorship Program’s online software system. Undergraduate students may also contact mentors for one-time conversations.

Traditional Mentoring – academic year mentoring in which undergraduate students and mentors spend 8-9 months together in conversation, goal setting and career discovery.

All undergraduate business students will be matched with a professional mentor and are expected to participate in meetings and attaining assigned milestones. Undergraduates may supplement their professional growth through Flash Mentoring conversations with other mentors listed in the program.

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Whether you're seeking advice and information from a mentor or you want to give back by helping tomorrow's future leaders hit the ground running, the W. P. Carey School of Business can connect you. To participate in the W. P. Carey School of Business Mentorship Programs, please click here to join the program and to learn more about mentor and mentee expectations. 

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